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Supply Chain

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Our Supply Chain Mission

UniVOOK Chemical is committed to maintaining a robust, flexible and reliable supply chain capability, that are always meeting our needs, and allows us to provide a strong supply network to support our growing and diverse global customers.

Diversified Supply

We provide products and solutions to multi-industry, multi-regional areas, UniVOOK Chemical believes that diversity of suppliers contributes to the soft-power of the company and benefits our customers. We are committed to growing together with suppliers, providing training opportunities for local small enterprises, includes production compliance, product compliance, document compliance, supply chain management compliance. UniVOOK Chemical remains committed to building a diversified supply chain that reflects our core philosophy and translates innovative ideas into long-term value for our customers, employees and shareholders.

To All Suppliers

At UniVOOK Chemical we regard our suppliers as our important business partners. Full cooperate with them to achieve the deep understanding of the capacity and expertise of suppliers. We conduct our business with the highest ethical standards and respect our suppliers for helping us improve our services to our customers. We hope to work together to discover and enhance the value of UniVOOK Chemical company’s supply chain value. If you have any questions or need any help, please contact us.

Potential Suppliers

For those who are looking for the opportunity to create business together with UniVOOK Chemical, please send your request to our supply chain colleagues: supply@univook.com