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In the category of Lubricants & Metal Working, these substances play a pivotal role in the optimization of mechanical methods related to metals. Lubricants are particularly formulated materials designed to lessen friction and put on between shifting metallic surfaces, while metalworking fluids encompass a broader variety of substances utilized in shaping, slicing, and forming metal components in the course of production processes.

Lubricants find programs in diverse industries, from automobile to aerospace, in which they are crucial for minimizing friction in engines, gears, and bearings. Metalworking fluids, on the other hand, are vital in machining, forming, and shaping metals in processes like milling, drilling, and reducing. These fluids offer cooling, lubrication, and chip elimination, ensuring precision and efficiency in metallic fabrication.

UniVOOK Chemical has become a close and reliable partner to high-performance lubricant manufacturers and metal processing solution providers. We provide our clients with highly reliable and low-cost chemical raw materials or functional chemicals; Tailored to meet the diverse needs of industries engaged in metal fabrication and mechanical processes, UniVOOK Chemical has established itself as a trusted partner in optimizing efficiency, ensuring longevity, and elevating the precision of metalworking operations.



Customized Synthesis Solutions: 

UniVOOK Chemical takes pride in its ability to provide partners with customized chemical synthesis services, ensuring that lubricants and metalworking fluids deliver optimal performance under diverse operating conditions.

Cooling Properties: 

Metalworking fluids offer powerful cooling at some point of machining techniques, stopping overheating and maintaining the structural integrity of steel components.

Cutting Fluids: 

Lubricants designed for metalworking frequently function, reducing fluids and facilitating easy and precise cuts throughout machining operations.

Corrosion Protection: 

Both lubricants and metalworking fluids may additionally comprise additives to shield steel surfaces from corrosion, ensuring the durability of machined components.

Surface Finish Enhancement: 

Certain lubricants and metalworking fluids make contributions to attaining a superior floor end on machined components, meeting stringent requirements in manufacturing.

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Name INCI Formula CAS No. EC No.
1,2,3 Benzotriazole (BTA) C6H5N3 95-14-7


Antioxidant CPL C21H28O 68610-51-5


Butylated Hydroxytoluene(BHT) C15H24O 128-37-0


Dicyclohexylamine (DCHA) C12H23N 101-83-7


Disodium sebacate C10H18O4.2Na 17265-14-4


DTPMPA C9H28N3O15P5 15827-60-8


EDTMPA C6H12O12N2P4 1429-50-1


EDTMPS C6H12O12N2P4Na8 22036-77-7


EPI-DMA Polyamine n/a 42751-79-1


Ethylenebisstearamide C38H76N2O2 68390-94-3; 110-30-5


Lithium Tetraborate B4Li2O7 12007-60-2


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