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UniVOOK Textile Auxiliaries (Suzhou)

Since August of 2019, UniVOOK Chemical began to operate the production site for producing textile auxiliaries and leather auxiliaries, and also specialty chemicals for daily chemical industry, in Suzhou Industrial Part, Jiangsu province.

Our solid experience both in knowledge & technologies in the textile industry, has enable us to provide reliable products to our clients continuously, including pre-finishing auxiliaries, dyeing auxiliaries, post-finishing auxiliaries, garment finishing auxiliaries, and other special functional finishing agents.

  • Pre-finishing Auxiliaries: Penetrating/detergents, Degreasers, Sodium chlorite bleach stabilizers, Oxygen bleach stabilizers, Chelating dispersants, Anti-yellowing agents, Reducing-dispersants, Bleach stabilizers, Wool treatment penetrants.
  • Dyeing Auxiliaries: Polyamide/wool dyeing organic acid acid-releasing agent, Acid substitute, PH buffer, Aramid fiber dyeing carrier, Leveling agent, Fixing agent, Dispersing and chelating agent, Wrinkle prevention agent, Soaping agent, Stripping agent, Dispersant, Solubilizer, Co-solvent.
  • Post Finishing Auxiliaries: Resin and catalyst, Fluff softener, Flame retardant, Anti-cracking agent, Carpet anti-static agent, Polish-smooth agent, Garment elasticity finishing agent, Multifunctional desizing enzyme, Anti-ozone fastness enhancer, Fabric bleaching powder, 3D anti-wrinkle resin, Special finishing wax emulsion, Stiffening agent, Organosiloxane microemulsion finishing agent.
  • Garment Finishing Auxiliaries: Antistatic softener, Special denim softener, Bulk softener, Garment smoothing agent, Garment elastic finishing agent, Anti-wrinkle agent, Garment anti-wrinkle/3D wrinkle effect pre-catalyzed resin, Acid neutralizing agent , Powder for bleaching cotton and its blended fabrics, Protective agent for elastic garments.
  • Special Functional Finishing Auxiliaries: Formaldehyde capture agent, Anti-phenol yellowing (BHT) agent, Special oligomeric dispersing-chelating agent, Carpet antistatic agent, Combustion accelerant, Special finishing agent for washing effect, Cationic pretreatment agent, Anti-splitting agent, Polyester hydrophilic Finishing agent, Chelating-detergent-dispersing agent, Silk protective agent, Elastic fiber protective agent.
  • Textile Auxiliaries > 17000mt/year
  • Household functional chemicals > 3000 mt/year.
  • Esterification, Resin synthesis, Sulfonation reaction, Acid-base reaction.
  • ISO 9001, ISO 14001, ISO 18001.
  • Approximately 40 employees.