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Corporate Citizenship

Our corporate commitment: Integrity, Innovation, Sustainability.

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At UniVOOK Chemical Corporate Citizenship is built on our three Core Beliefs — Performance Assurance, Sustainability, and Corporate Responsibility. We believe our citizenship initiatives allow us to create value for our customers, shareholders, employees and the communities in which we operate.

These commitments provide a solid foundation for lasting and sustainable growth, enabling us to create sustainable value for our customers, shareholders, employees and communities.

Our commitment to these areas will be the cornerstone of our ability to win over customers and other key external stakeholders, and let us successfully achieve our corporate objectives. We think our corporate citizenship made positive contributions to our working and living environment, and help us to promote diversity growth in the long term goals, to expand beyond traditional markets, provide convenience for the customer development, and continuously improve product quality, and let our staff to succeed in an increasingly complex world economy.