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Mission and Core Beliefs

Pursuing lasting value, prioritizing ethics, safety, and collaboration.

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Our Mission and Core Beliefs

Our Mission is to continuously innovate and transform our growing expertise into long-term value for our customers, employees and partners.

Our unwavering commitment to employee dignity, safety and health, continuous innovation, integrity, and ethical behavior has been the guiding principle by which we operate our business around the world.

Strategic Priorities

With a passion for innovation and collaborative problem solving, we actively work in partnership with our customers to minimize risk and deliver value with highly reliable solutions.

To support our strategic priorities and grow sustainably, we focus on investing in people, technology and supply chain management.

Talent & Culture

We realize that our innovative ideas and products come from our people, our most important asset.

That is why investing in, supporting, and fostering talent is paramount to the success of UniVOOK Chemical.

Diversity of Knowledge and Experience

The ability to transfer knowledge and expertise from one application to a new customer challenge is a core strength and benefit to our customers.