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We provide top-tier custom manufacturing solutions with advanced technology.

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As the world’s largest chemical production base and consumer market, China’s chemical industry has achieved great development in the past 30 years. China’s advanced chemical production technology, robust production capacity, and abundant chemical technology talent pool position it at the forefront of global chemical supply. These fundamental advantages constitute the bedrock of UniVOOK Chemical’s custom manufacturing business.

UniVOOK Chemical has fully realized this and strives to transform these advantages and competitiveness into products and solutions that can bring additional value to our customers. By integrating the expertise of leading chemical manufacturers in China or even EU countries, leveraging China’s talent pool and manufacturing capabilities, we are able to provide the best Custom Manufacturing Solutions for specialty chemicals to customers around the world.

Global Collaboration for Chemical Excellence

In the past 15 years, our chemical technology experts and chemical product managers have continued to work with more than 600+ specialty chemical manufacturers or research institutions that have been reviewed and evaluated rigorously, jointly to delve into chemical technology knowledge and production process details. and build partnerships.

We are proud to work with supply partners around the world. These partnerships enable us to act together in the market and do our best to consider about chemical R&D and manufacturing capabilities, capacity needs and strategic locations – integrating resources and build the best solution to face various new challenges together.


Comprehensive Expertise for Customer Success

While the chemistry knowledge and technology we have involved in is broad and deep, but the expertise of our team is extremely competitive. We deeply focus on and meet the needs of our customers, no matter it is technology or market. This highlights our distinctive comprehensive competencies and guarantees long-term, successful business relationships with our customers.

We continue to expand our network and increase our ability in providing value-added, highly manufacturable chemicals to our client globally, such as our efforts on developing fermentation and purification processes for natural organic acids, or industrial enzyme catalysis technology, etc.

Chemistry & Technology



Outstanding Operation and Technologies, Reduction of Complexity , Scale Effects, Reliable and , Low-cost Logistics, Integrated and Qualified Raw Materials 


These have always been the key to the success of our chemical custom manufacturing services. Our partners and customers gain their competitive advantage in the market with our customized solutions.

If the chemical you are looking for is not found on the list, please feel free to contact with us! We always welcome and therefore delight in that your requests always add new knowledge to our product portfolio. We treat our clients with the utmost care and confidentiality and maximize process performance for you.