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Ideas--Assessment--Strategic raw material analysis--Proposal--Contract


Lab trials--Samples--Approval


Process development--Upscaling--Final approval


Final production--Audit


Final production
What is Custom Manufacturing?

Provides with custom manufacturing solution is a key part of our supply chain services to our customers.

Being the custom manufacturing partner for specialty chemicals, we provide our customers with tailor-made solutions and products. UniVOOK Chemical works together with customers from the very first step—Creating a chemical synthesis idea on paper, to evaluating and confirming the idea in the laboratory, to small sample pilots, to mid-scale production testing and commercial production of products. We support you beyond development and synthesis, handling the entire process from raw material procurement to final delivery, and we provide quality control at all project levels and processes.

Our ability to fully participate custom in manufacturing processes, allows us to support our customers in overcoming their manufacturing bottlenecks, technical obstacles and rapidly expanding product supply capabilities in a short period of time, while maintaining flexibility and economy.

In addition, our qualifications allow us to provide customers in specific regions with hazardous chemical blending, re-packaging, labeling, warehousing and distribution services.

Support for all Your Manufacturing Engagements

Chemistry & Technology

Increase Capacity, Decrease Investments

We have the flexibility and capabilities to work with you while you are scaling up new products, with our quick actions and without your additional investments. Starting with small batch sizes and expand to large runs.

Shorten time to Market

Custom manufacturing eliminates time-consuming, inefficient and bureaucratic internal supply chain processes through highly project-focused and efficient developments. Our target is to support customers with product development innovations and quick processes implementation, by end-to-end product manufacturing solutions to shorten time to market.

Knowledge Capitalization

Our industry expertise and years of experience enables us to solve complex supply chain issues and improve profitability for our customers around the world. We manage solutions across the product value chain and supply chain, from generating new synthesis ideas to formulating production process and quality tracking standards, to one-stop raw materials sourcing and finished product distribution. Our solutions provide customers with highly competitive products.

More Flexibility in-house

Collaborate, evaluate, optimize and execute, to quickly turn your technical ideas into products with our flexible internal processes management and wide range of partners. This allows you to focus more on what you do best, save costs and improve efficiency.

Reduce Development Cost

We known that compared to customer in-house synthesis, sourcing out some processes to a suitable custom manufacturing partner can lead to competitive advantages and greater profitability: shorter time to market, lower product development and production costs. Mostly due to the strong market sharing effect from custom manufacturing partners on R&D facilities, production bases, quality management systems, internal&external supply chains, more focused and dedicated processes, and less management costs.

Safeguard Product Quality

Quality issues, no matter how big or small, always lead to cost and often have further consequences such as erodes customer confidence and lost sales over time. With transparent development and strict quality management, combined with years of custom manufacturing experience, we make provide customers with high-quality and highly consistent products our top priority.
Custom Manufacturing Solutions
Being the world's foremost producer and consumer of chemicals, China's advanced chemical production technology, robust production capacity, and abundant chemical technology talent pool position it at the forefront of global chemical supply. These fundamental advantages constitute the bedrock of our custom manufacturing business. By integrating the expertise of leading chemical manufacturers in China and EU countries, alongside China's extensive chemical product line manufacturing capabilities and talent reserves, we offer unparalleled customization to our global customers.

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