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Post-finishing auxiliaries represent a category of specialised chemical compounds and formulations employed in the very last degrees of textile and leather-based processing. These auxiliaries enhance the properties of completed products, contributing to their look, sense, and usual performance. Post-completing approaches play a critical role in attaining unique aesthetics, functionalities, and best attributes preferred ultimately-use packages of textiles and leather-based.

Post-completing auxiliaries are quintessential to attaining desired characteristics in textiles and leather-based products. They make a contribution to the softness and smoothness of fabrics, enhancing the general feel and comfort of clothes and upholstery. Additionally, anti-pilling retailers lessen the formation of drugs, keeping the aesthetic nice of fabrics. Post-completing auxiliaries play a pivotal position in including price to finished merchandise by way of delivering improved aesthetics, sturdiness, and capability.

UniVOOK’s Post-Finishing Auxiliaries is designed to raise the quality and overall performance of textiles and leather-based within the final tiers of processing. With a focus on innovation and versatility, uniVOOK formulations provide producers with reliable answers to decorate the aesthetics, sturdiness, and functionality in their completed merchandise.


  1. Softness and Comfort Enhancement: Post-completing auxiliaries make a contribution to the softness and luxury of textiles, enhancing the tactile experience for quit-users.
  2. Anti-Wrinkle and Crease Resistance: These auxiliaries offer anti-wrinkle and crease-resistant residences, retaining a properly-groomed look for textiles and leather merchandise.
  3. Water and Stain Repellency: Post-completing methods can impart water and stain repellency, improving the protective houses of textiles and leather towards spills and environmental factors.
  4. Anti-Pilling Properties: Anti-pilling sellers in put up-completing formulations lessen the formation of capsules on fabrics, maintaining the visual enchantment and durability of the product.
  5. Versatility in Finishing Effects: Post-finishing auxiliaries provide versatility in achieving various completing effects, permitting producers to customize the arrival and capability of their products.
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