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Alkaline Bleaching-Hydrogen Peroxide Stabilizer, LUTAS ST-C


Hydrogen peroxide is the most used oxidizing bleaching agent in various pretreatment bleaching processes in the textile industry. In order to avoid the ineffective decomposition of hydrogen peroxide under alkaline conditions and in the presence of metal ions, Alkaline Bleaching-Hydrogen Peroxide Stabilizer plays a key role. It can improve the degree of oxygen bleaching and reduce the loss of fiber strength very effectively。


Alkaline Bleaching-Hydrogen Peroxide Stabilizer supplied from UniVOOK Chemical is a cutting-edge solution crafted to optimize and enhance the bleaching processes in textile industries. Formulated with precision, this stabilizer plays a pivotal role in ensuring the efficacy and stability of hydrogen peroxide.


mark Apply to pad batch dyeing process and pad-steam process of fibres likes cellulose fibers and its blends;

mark Alkali resistance;

mark Excellent and long-lasting hydrogen peroxide stability;

markNo Surfactant;

mark 100% Biodegrade;


Features and Advantages:

— A specialized stabilizer explicitly designed for the basic bleaching procedure during the pad-steam process. Its unique strength lies in its exceptional stability within alkali media solutions. Throughout the pad-steam process, Basic Bleaching-Hydrogen Peroxide Stabilizer LUTAS ST-C demonstrates robustness, ensuring the oxidant, such as hydrogen peroxide, remains highly functional for an extended period.
— our Alkaline Bleaching-Hydrogen Peroxide Stabiling agent serves as a versatile solution, capable of partial and complete silicate replacement in industrial processes, presenting distinct advantages. Its remarkable ability to replace silicate enhances fabric characteristics, particularly in making fabrics more hydrophilic or water-absorbent.
— Demonstrates outstanding stability, even in environments with high concentrations of caustic soda and surfactant solutions, reaching concentrations up to 4-6 times the typical levels. This remarkable stability is a critical feature that sets LUTAS ST-C apart, making it well-suited for applications where the chemical environment involves elevated concentrations of caustic soda and surfactants.
— No- foam
— Alkaline Bleaching-Hydrogen Peroxide Stabiling agent from us is designed to be applied in the pre-treatment process preceding the dyeing of textiles. Its unique formulation and stability make it well-suited for use in this crucial stage of the textile processing.



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Target Fiber

Cellulose fibers and its blends


120kg/drum; 1000kg/IBC drum

Health & Safety

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