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Ascorbic Acid Coated

Formula C6H8O6
Molecular Weight 176.12
CAS No. 50-81-7
EC No. 200-066-2

Ascorbic Acid Coated, or vitamin C, is a water-soluble diet with a protective coating for better stability. This form of ascorbic acid is designed to resist light, air, and moisture, prolonging its shelf life and maintaining its antioxidant homes. As a vital nutrient, it plays a crucial function in diverse physiological functions, together with collagen synthesis, immune support, and antioxidant protection.


Ascorbic acid-coated unearths various programs within the meals and beverage enterprise, functioning as a stabilizer and antioxidant in processed foods, liquids, and supplements. Its protective coating ensures durability and effectiveness, contributing to the upkeep of the product’s best and nutritional cost.


Widely hired inside the meals and beverage industry, UniVOOK Chemical Ascorbic Acid is a critical stabilizer and preservative, improving many products’ durability and dietary integrity. Trust in the excellent reliability of UniVOOK Chemical to supply a lined ascorbic acid that meets the very best requirements in stability and antioxidant performance. 


Features: Ascorbic Acid Coated

  • Enhanced Stability: Our Ascorbic Acid coat boasts a shielding coating, ensuring extended balance using defensive nutrition C from mild air and moisture, maintaining its efficacy.
  • Extended Shelf Life: The protecting coating contributes to a prolonged shelf existence, maintaining the best efficiency of the ascorbic acid over time.
  • High Purity: UniVOOK Chemical prioritizes high purity requirements, offering an ascorbic acid-coated product free from impurities and contaminants for regular and reliable formulations.
  • Versatility: Suitable for several applications, our lined ascorbic acid is flexible, making it an ideal choice for numerous industries, along with food and beverage, supplements, and prescribed drugs.
  • Antioxidant Properties: As a mighty antioxidant, UniVOOK Chemical Ascorbic Acid enables inhibit oxidation in formulations, contributing to the upkeep of product first-rate and nutritional content material.


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