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Phosphoric Acid 85%, FG

Formula H3PO4
Molecular Weight 98.00
CAS No. 7664-38-2
EC No. 231-633-2

UniVOOK Chemical gives an excellent presentation with its Phosphoric Acid 85%, FG a concentrated and meals-grade answer that unearths various packages throughout numerous industries. With an attention of eighty percent, this potent acid boasts countless vital features that make it a precious thing in diverse techniques.

As a food-grade acid, it serves a critical position within the meals and beverage sector, acting as an acidity regulator in soft liquids and enhancing flavors in diverse meal products. Its firm acidity additionally reveals application in commercial settings, particularly in metallic cleaning and treatment approaches, where it correctly eliminates rust and scales, contributing to corrosion prevention.

UniVOOK Chemical prioritizes the production of Phosphoric Acid 85% FG, with an unwavering dedication to pleasant protection and compliance. Rigorous trying out and adherence to food-grade standards ensure that the product meets the various needs of industries while retaining the best stages of purity and effectiveness.

Features: Phosphoric Acid 85%, FG

  • High Purity: UniVOOK Chemical’s Phosphoric Acid, FG is characterized by way of first-rate purity, meeting stringent standards to make sure the best in various packages.
  • Food-Grade Certification: With a focus on protection and compliance, this product is precise as food-grade (FG), assembly regulatory necessities for use within the meals and beverage enterprise.
  • Concentrated Strength: The eighty percent phosphoric acid concentration imparts considerable energy, making it a mighty ingredient suitable for numerous commercial strategies.
  • Versatile Acidity Control: Phosphoric acid is a universal acidity regulator, enhancing taste profiles in the meals industry and providing specific pH management in industrial packages.
  • Effective Rust Inhibitor: In industrial settings, phosphoric acid is 85% FG and is famous for inhibiting homes, making it valuable for metal cleaning and remedy processes.
  • Water Treatment Applications: With its robust acidity and capacity to react with minerals, Phosphoric Acid, 85% FG, is used in water remedy techniques, assisting in regulating pH levels and reducing scaling.

For more details and safety recommendations regarding the use of the product, please consult our Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS), or contact with our Product Manager.


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