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WeloSoft OXT – Antistatic Fluffy Softener for Cotton and Wool Fabrics

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Introducing WeloSoft OXT, a premium fabric softener developed by UniVOOK Chemical, designed to enhance the care of woven and high-quality knitted garments. Tailored for luxurious fibers such as lamb wool, cashmere, Shetland, angora, and more. WeloSoft OXT ensures these delicate materials receive the gentlest treatment. This product excels in eliminating static cling, a common issue with fine textiles, and significantly enhances fabric softness, making each garment feel as good as new. UniVOOK Chemical is committed to delivering one-stop customized chemical solutions, deeply understanding and meeting each client’s unique needs in application process, planning, inventory control, packaging standards, and regulatory compliance. With WeloSoft OXT, experience a tailored approach to fabric care that aligns with the sophisticated standards of today’s textile industry.

Product Details

Product Form and Composition

WeloSoft OXT is offered as a liquid softener, making it easy to integrate into both industrial and domestic laundry routines. This Antistatic Fluffy Softener is meticulously formulated to not only soften but also condition fine woven and knitted fabrics. Unlike many conventional softeners, WeloSoft OXT is AEEA-free. We insist on using raw materials that are friendly to the natural environment, thus avoiding harm to the environment

Specialized Fabric Care

Specifically developed for luxurious fibers such as lamb wool, cashmere, Shetland, and angora, WeloSoft OXT excels in providing a unique finishing touch to these textiles. The product imparts a distinct hand-feel to each garment, characterized by enhanced drapability, a fluffy soft texture, and a smooth finish. This specialized care extends the life of delicate garments and maintains their premium look and feel over time.

Antistatic Properties

One notable aspect of WeloSoft OXT is, its capacity to efficiently aviod generating static electricity by minimizing the friction among fibers.     This is particularly beneficial for materials like wool and angora, which tend to attract static, especially in dry environments.     By reducing static cling, WeloSoft OXT not only improves the comfort and wearability of the garments but also prevents the static-induced stress that can damage delicate fibers.

Benefits of Using WeloSoft OXT

Using WeloSoft OXT on premium fibers offers numerous advantages:

  • Enhanced Softness: It leaves fabrics feeling incredibly soft, making every wear comfortable.
  • Improved Textile Protection: The softener coats each fiber, reducing friction and enhancing the fabric’s resistance to wear and tear.
  • Static Reduction: It effectively manages static cling, making garments more comfortable to wear and easier to handle during laundry and ironing.
  • Sustainability: Being AEEA-free, it is a more environmentally friendly choice for consumers concerned about chemical use in their laundry products.

Fluffy Softness

Enhancing Fabric Softness

WeloSoft OXT uses a sophisticated blend of conditioning agents that coat each fiber, reducing friction and rendering the fabric noticeably softer to the touch. This conditioning layer not only softens but also enhances the pliability of each fiber, resulting in a luxurious, fluffy feel that is highly sought after in premium textiles.

Impact on Texture and Comfort

The impact of WeloSoft OXT on the texture and comfort of clothes is profound:

  • Luxurious Texture: Fabrics treated with WeloSoft OXT exhibit a richer, more indulgent texture. This enhanced texture is particularly noticeable in fabrics such as cashmere and lamb wool, which are valued for their natural softness.
  • Increased Comfort: The softer the garment, the more comfortable it is to wear. WeloSoft OXT ensures that clothes are not only soft but also maintain their breathability and natural feel.
  • Improved Drape and Appearance: Softened fibers drape better and have a more attractive appearance, enhancing the overall aesthetic of the garment.


Dosage and Application Method: For effective use of WeloSoft OXT, a specific dosage is recommended depending on the fabric type, finishing processes and the desired effect. Generally, the softener should be diluted with water and applied during the final rinse cycle of the washing process. For industrial applications, it can be sprayed or applied directly to the fabric during the finishing stages. Always consult the product guidelines and contact with our product manager for the best results, ensuring that the softener is used in a manner that complements the specific textile processing technique being employed.

Comparison with Other Products

Below is a comparison table that outlines the effectiveness and benefits of WeloSoft OXT compared to other leading brands of fabric softeners:

FeatureWeloSoft OXTLeading Brand ALeading Brand B
FormulationLiquid softener, AEEA-freeLiquid, may contain AEEASheets, chemical-based
Suitable FabricsLamb wool, cashmere, Shetland, angoraGeneral use, not specializedGeneral use, not specialized
Antistatic PropertiesHighly effective antistatic action specific for fine woolsModerate antistatic propertiesLimited or no antistatic properties
Softness EnhancementEnhanced softness with a fluffy, luxurious feelStandard softeningStandard softening
Environmental FriendlinessAEEA-free, safer for the environment and fabricsVaries, often contains harsher chemicalsTypically includes synthetic fragrances and additives
Customized CareSpecifically designed for premium fibersOne-size-fits-all approachOne-size-fits-all approach

Unique Selling Points of WeloSoft OXT

  • Specialized Fabric Care: Unlike general fabric softeners, WeloSoft OXT is specifically formulated for high-end, delicate fabrics such as lamb wool, cashmere, and angora, offering tailored care that maintains the integrity and quality of these materials.
  • Superior Antistatic Properties: It provides superior antistatic protection that is crucial for maintaining the comfort and appearance of premium woolen garments, significantly outperforming other brands that offer limited or no antistatic properties.
  • Eco-Friendly Composition: Being AEEA-free makes WeloSoft OXT not only gentler on delicate fabrics but also better for the environment, setting it apart from competitors that still use harsh chemicals.
  • Enhanced Textural Benefits: WeloSoft OXT enhances the natural softness and fluffiness of the fabric, making garments feel more luxurious compared to the standard softening provided by other brands.

Final Words

WeloSoft OXT stands out as an exceptional fabric softener tailored specifically for luxurious fibers such as lamb wool, cashmere, Shetland, and angora. Its unique formulation not only imparts antistatic properties and enhances the softness and texture of garments but also supports the application in specialized textile processes like edge coloring and functional finishing. By choosing WeloSoft OXT, manufacturers benefit from both a superior fabric care experience and an environmentally friendly product, ensuring their premium garments are maintained in pristine condition while contributing to sustainable laundry practices. WeloSoft OXT is the optimal solution for anyone dedicated to the highest standards of textile care and environmental responsibility.

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