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Cotton and Wool Fabrics Fluffy Softener, WELOSOFT PCC

WeloSoft PCC is a specialized Cotton and Wool Fabrics Fluffy Softener designed to give cotton and wool fabrics a luxurious, fluffy and soft feel. Our formulations are designed to enhance the tactile experience of cotton and wool textiles, providing a fluffy and plush feel. Our softeners work by attaching additives to individual fibers of cotton or wool fabrics, reducing friction between fibers, resulting in a smoother, softer feel.


UniVOOK Chemical’s cotton fabric fluffing softener is a versatile solution designed to enhance the comfort and sensory experience of a wide range of cotton and wool products. WeloSoft PCC Fluffy Softener are used throughout the textile industry to provide a fluffy, soft feel to cotton or wool clothing, including shirts, denim or denim ready-to-wear, dresses and underwear. The application of WeloSoft PCC fluffy softener for cotton and wool fabrics extends to home textiles to improve the softness of bedding, pillowcases, curtains and upholstery; Towels treated with this fluffy softener have the advantage of increased water absorption and a softer touch.


From denim or denim ready-to-wear to shirts and dresses to clothes such as bed sheets, pillowcases and towels, UniVOOK Chemical’s Cotton and Wool Fabrics Fluffy Softener ensure a consistent volume and softness, creating a comfortable touch for customer customization in different applications.


Features: Fluffy Softener for cotton and wool fabrics

Luxurious, Fluffy and Soft:

Softeners give cotton and wool textiles a fluffy and soft feel, enhancing the overall comfort and tactile appeal of fabrics or garments.



Suitable for a wide range of cotton-based and wool-based products, including clothing, bedding, pillowcases, towels, home textiles and children’s clothing, providing consistent and pleasing softness in a variety of applications.


Enhanced Water Absorption:

Towels treated with this softener increase water absorption, helping to optimize application functions and increase user satisfaction.


Integrated and Consistent:

Whether integrated into the functional processing manufacturing process of fabrics or used in the finishing process of garments, Cotton Fluffy Softener ensures uniform and consistent softness of different cotton fabrics.


Child Friendly:

Ideal softener for children’s clothing; Create a comfortable and gentle touch for each child to enhance their wearing experience.


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WeloSoft PCC

Cotton and Wool Fabrics Fluffy Softener WeloSoft PCC is a specialized fabric softener designed to impart a luxurious and soft feel to cotton and wool fabrics or garments; Antistatic, draping, swollen and slippery; AEEA free;

Target Fiber

Cotton and its blended fabrics, wool and its blended fabrics;


120kg/drum; 1000kg/IBC drum;

Health & Safety

For more details and safety recommendations regarding the use of the product, please consult our Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS), or Contact With our Product Manager.


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