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Formula C4H4O4
Molecular Weight 116.07
CAS No. 110-17-8
EC No. 203-743-0

Fumaric acid is a dicarboxylic acid with the chemical formula C4H4O4. It is a naturally occurring organic acid found in various plants and fruits, such as fumitory, bolete mushrooms, lichen, and certain vegetables. Additionally, it can be produced synthetically for various industrial applications.


Fumaric acid finds diverse applications across industries. In the food sector, it serves as a key acidulant, enhancing tartness in candies and beverages and contributing to the quality of baked goods. Its role in the beverage industry includes pH regulation. It is crucial in materials science to produce unsaturated polyester resins for coatings and composites. In pharmaceuticals, it plays a role in medication production. Additionally, it esters are employed in treating psoriasis.


 Discover the pinnacle of quality and versatility with uniVOOK Chemical Fumaric Acid. Meticulously crafted, our fumaric acid stands as a hallmark of excellence, offering a range of applications across diverse industries.

Features: Fumaric Acid


  1. Purity and Consistency: uniVOOK Chemical Fumaric is synonymous with purity and consistent quality, meeting the stringent demands of various industrial processes.
  2. Food Industry Excellence: In the food sector, our fumaric acts as a premium acidulant, imparting a crisp tartness to candies, optimizing pH levels in beverages, and contributing to the texture of baked goods.
  3. Materials Innovation: At the forefront of materials innovation, our fumaric is instrumental in producing unsaturated polyester resins, finding applications in coatings, laminates, and advanced composite materials.
  4. Pharmaceutical Grade: Committed to pharmaceutical standards, it plays a pivotal role in pharmaceutical formulations, ensuring reliability and efficacy.
  5. Cosmetic and Industrial Solutions: Our fumaric is a versatile ingredient with applications in cosmetics and industrial processes, demonstrating adaptability across diverse sectors.

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