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The Household & Industrial Care category encompasses a broad range of products and solutions designed to meet the cleaning, hygiene, and maintenance needs of both residential and industrial settings. This sector plays a crucial role in maintaining health, safety, and cleanliness standards across various environments.

UniVOOK Chemical’s Household & Industrial Care category features a big range of specialty chemical substances and advanced materials tailor-made to satisfy the demands of regular cleansing, protection, and business techniques. With a focus on overall performance, protection, and environmental obligation, our merchandise are designed to make a contribution to the performance and sustainability of family and industrial operations.

Choose UniVOOK Chemical’s specialty chemical substances and advanced materials for making you big successes to provide reliable, efficient, and environmentally conscious solutions that elevate the standards of cleanliness in both household and industrial environments.



High-Performance Cleaning Agents: UniVOOK Chemical offers a range of excessive-overall performance cleaning dealers suitable for each household and industrial programs. Our products are formulated to supply effective cleaning answers, addressing numerous surfaces and contaminants.

Custom Formulations for Industrial Processes: Tailor your commercial cleansing formulations with UniVOOK Chemical’s custom production offerings. Our group collaborates with commercial companions to create specialized answers that enhance cleaning efficiency in diverse production and processing environments.

Eco-Friendly and Sustainable Solutions: Embrace sustainability with dedication to eco-friendly formulations. Our Household & Industrial Care merchandise encompass components that sell environmental obligation, contributing to the improvement of sustainable cleansing practices.

Surface Protection and Maintenance: We gives solutions for surface protection and upkeep, extending the lifespan of materials and equipment. Our products aid in preventing corrosion, scaling, and deterioration, enhancing the durability of property in commercial settings.

Efficient Supply Chain Management: Benefit from UniVOOK Chemical’s efficient deliver chain management, ensuring timely get right of entry to to important Household & Industrial Care products. Our worldwide distribution network facilitates seamless delivery, assisting the operational desires of industries global.

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Name INCI Formula CAS No. EC No.
3,3′-Thiodipropionic acid (TDPA) C6H10O4S 111-17-1


4,4′-Bis-(2-sulfostyryl)-biphenyl disodium salt (BSBDS) C28H20Na2O6S2 27344-41-8


Acrylamido-tertiary-butylsulfonic acid (ATBS) C7H13NO4S 15214-89-8


Allyl glycidyl ether (AGE) C6H10O2 106-92-3


Benzisothiazolin-3-one (BIT) C7H5NOS 2634-33-5


Carvacrol C10H14O 499-75-2


Dicyclohexylamine (DCHA) C12H23N 101-83-7


Disodium sebacate C10H18O4.2Na 17265-14-4


DTPMPA C9H28N3O15P5 15827-60-8


Lithium Tetraborate B4Li2O7 12007-60-2


Natural Thymol C10H14O 89-83-8


Thymol C10H14O 89-83-8