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ITO/Ag/ITO Etching Solution

Product Name ITO/Ag/ITO Etching Solution
Grade EL

ITO/Ag/ITO (Indium Tin Oxide/Silver/Indium Tin Oxide) Etching Solution is a specialized chemical solution designed for the selective elimination or etching of the multilayer shape composed of apparent conductive oxide (ITO) layers and a silver (Ag) layer in between. This multilayer structure is typically utilized in diverse packages, consisting of transparent electrodes in optoelectronic devices, which include sun cells and certain types of shows.


The etching solution permits for specific patterning of the multilayer shape, enabling the introduction of customized designs and improving the efficiency of gadgets. The composition of the etching solution is cautiously formulated to ensure the effective elimination of the precise layers at the same time as keeping the integrity of the underlying substrate and different layers.


Elevate your multilayer patterning processes with UniVOOK Chemical’s advanced ITO/Ag/ITO Etching Solution – where precision meets performance. We can also provide non-silver etching solution based on glacial acetic acid;


markITO/Ag/ITO Etching Solution is used in the etching process for silver-nickel alloy, silver-copper alloy and pure silver;
markKeeps flat and smooth of plate surface, after etching process;
markFast etching speed and high efficiency;
markDo reaction with the cross section;
markNo residue;


Features: ITO/Ag/ITO Etching Solution

High Etching Rate: 

Experience efficiency with an excessive etching price. UniVOOK Chemical’s solution quickens the etching system, offering a rapid and effective manner of patterning multilayer systems. This high etching rate contributes to streamlined manufacturing procedures.

Customizable Formulation:

Recognizing the various needs of the optoelectronic enterprise, UniVOOK Chemical gives customizable formulations of the ITO/Ag/ITO Etching Solution. Tailor the solution to specific software necessities, making sure compatibility with diverse manufacturing processes and substrates.

Enhanced Substrate Preservation: 

Our solution is designed to maintain the integrity of underlying substrates. Experience more excellent substrate preservation during the etching technique, contributing to the overall stability and reliability of gadgets offering multilayer transparent conductive systems.

Multilayer Precision: 

Achieve elaborate designs with self-belief. UniVOOK Chemical’s Etching Solution offers unique manipulation over the elimination of ITO and Ag layers inside a multilayer shape, taking into consideration tailored and efficient patterning.

Enhanced Selectivity: 

Experience enhanced selectivity, ensuring the centered removal of particular layers while preserving the integrity of the underlying substrate. This superior feature optimizes the performance of prominent conductive systems.


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