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ITO Etching Solution

Product Name ITO Etching Solution
Grade EL

ITO (Indium Tin Oxide) Etching Solution is a specialized chemical solution designed for the selective removal or etching of ITO thin films. ITO is a transparent conductive material commonly used in various applications, including touchscreens, displays, and solar cells. The etching solution allows for precise patterning of ITO layers, enabling the creation of intricate and customized designs.


This advanced formulation enables the selective removal of ITO thin films, pivotal in the production of cutting-edge electronic and optoelectronic devices. From enhancing display technologies like LCDs and OLEDs to optimizing solar cell manufacturing, our solution empowers manufacturers with precise control over transparent conductive patterning.


UniVOOK Chemical’s ITO Etching Solution, is a cutting-edge formulation Specially designed for the stripping and etching process of indium tin oxide (ITO) glass conductive film coating lines. It has excellent etching effect and speed for both high-resistance ITO glass conductive film (PET-ITO) and low-resistance ITO glass conductive film (PET-ITO). Currently, our ITO etching solutions are divided into four series: aqua-based series, oxalic acid based series, FeCl3 series, and sulfuric acid based series; We can provide customized solutions according to customers’ actual usage scenarios;g.




Advanced Selectivity:

Developed for advanced selectivity, offering unparalleled control over the etching process. Achieve intricate and precise patterns on ITO thin films without compromising the structural integrity of the underlying substrate.

Fast Etching Kinetics:

Experience efficiency with fast etching kinetics. UniVOOK Chemical’s solution accelerates the etching process, reducing production time and enhancing the overall efficiency of transparent conductive layer manufacturing.

High Purity Composition:

Trust in the high purity composition of our ITO Etching Solution. Formulated with precision, it minimizes impurities, ensuring a clean and reliable etching process critical for the production of high-performance electronic and optoelectronic devices.

Versatility in Substrates:

Our solution exhibits versatility in substrates, accommodating a range of materials commonly used in electronic and optoelectronic applications. Whether on glass, flexible substrates, or other materials, UniVOOK Chemical ensures consistent performance.

Reduced Environmental Impact:

UniVOOK Chemical is committed to sustainability. We designed the solution with reduced environmental impact in mind, offering an eco-friendly choice without compromising performance.


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