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Aramid Fibres Dyeing Carrier

Aramid fiber dyeing carrier, also known as aramid fiber dyeing guides, is an essential special dyeing chemical reagent in the process of aramid fiber dyeing. Aramid fibers, such as Kevlar®, NOMEX, etc., are known for their excellent strength, high chemical and physical stability, heat resistance and durability, and are widely used in fabrics for specific applications such as firefighting clothing, military clothing, etc. Because of the unique characteristics of aramid fiber, special dyeing carriers or dyeing agents need to be added in the dyeing process of aramid fiber to improve dyeing efficiency and color fastness.


The meta-aramid fibres dyeing carrier – Dyeing auxiliaries from UniVOOK Chemical provides our customers with reliable aramid fiber dyeing solutions; This special dyeing carrier is a key part of the aramid textile to achieve the best coloring and superior performance, and improve the efficiency of the aramid fiber dyeing process to reduce costs. Our aramid fiber guides are trusted by the world’s leading aramid fiber dyeing companies for their excellent and unique dyeing properties for aramid fibers. At the same time, UniVOOK Chemical’s aramid fiber guides are more widely used in the Asian, American and Middle East markets through cooperation with the world’s leading textile additives manufacturers or distributors.


An innovative solution for the dyeing process of aramid fiber is introduced with the meta-aramid fibres dyeing carrier from UniVOOK Chemical – the versatile, high dye affinity aramid fiber dyeing carrier ensures uniform and optimal dye penetration, thereby increasing the operational efficiency of the dyeing process and enhancing the color fastness. Our dye carriers will help you produce more vibrant and long-lasting tones on aramid fibers.


Features: Dyeing Carrier of Meta-aramid Fibres


Enhanced Dye Affinity: The innovative formulation of the aramid fiber dyeing carrier from UniVOOK Chemical maximizes the affinity between dye molecules and aramid fibers, promoting uniform and deep coloring.

Improve Color Fastness: The aramid fiber dye guide helps to improve color fastness, ensuring that the bright colors obtained during the dyeing process remain fastness and resistance to fading.

Shorten Dyeing Time: With its advanced formulation, our aramid fiber dyeing carriers speed up the dyeing process and reduce overall processing time without compromising color quality.

Improved Dye Utilization: UniVOOK Chemical’s meta-aramid fiber guide enables dye to penetrate more efficiently from the bath and adhere to the aramid fiber, maximizing dye utilization and supporting the user in reducing costs.

Low Foaming Formula: The VKOOT N900 aramid fiber dyeing carrier is designed with a low foaming formula to ensure smooth processing and reduce problems caused by excessive foaming.


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Aramid fiber dyeing carrier/aramid fiber dyeing agent; Unique, small odor, used for cationic dyeable aramid fiber (such as NOMEX) dyeing;

mark Aramid fiber dyeing carrier/aramid fiber dyeing agent; Unique, small odor, used for cationic dyeable aramid fiber (such as NOMEX) dyeing;
mark UniVOOK Chemical introduces an innovative dyeing carrier designed for the dyeing process of meta-aramid fibers. This advanced solution stands out by not emitting harmful gases throughout the dyeing process, ensuring a safer and environmentally conscious application
mark This product exhibits non-toxicity towards the ecological environment.
mark This product features low bubble formation, making it suitable for use in jet machines.
Target Fiber

Nomex; Aramid fiber; Twaron fiber; Kevlar fiber; Terlon fiber; Conex fiber; Fenelon fiber;


120kg/drum; 1000kg/IBC drum

Health & Safety

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