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Mo/Al/Mo Etching Solution

Product Name Mo/Al/Mo Etching Solution
Grade EL, MOS
Synonyms Mo/Al/Mo Etching Solution; Mo-Al-Mo Etching Solution; Molybdenum-Aluminum-Molybdenum Etching Solution


The Mo/Al/Mo Etching Solution stands as a critical solution within the sophisticated panorama of semiconductor and display panel manufacturing. Tailored for the etching technique, this specialized Mo/Al/Mo Etching Solution is engineered for precision and flexibility, finding its applications in incorporated circuits (ICs), G8, and above high-era show panels, as well as bendy panels.


Engineered for precision, this specialized answer selectively eliminates layers of molybdenum and aluminum in multilayer structures, making sure problematic styles in included circuits. It contributes to the production of excessive-decision shows, specifically in G8 and above technology, imparting the vital precision for superior visual technologies. Additionally, its adaptability extends to bendy panel fabrication, helping the creation of bendable and foldable presentations.


Features: Mo/Al/Mo Etching Solution


markMo/Al/Mo Etching Solution is used in the etching process of integrated circuits, G8 and above high-generation display panels and flexible panels.
markNo fluoride ions, no ferric chloride;
markTaper angle is 45-60 degrees, Cdloss (single side) <1μm
markNo undercut, no side engraving, no residue;
markFast etching speed, small side etching;
markLong service life of our Mo/Al/Mo Etching Solution;


Multilayer Structure Etching:

The Mo/Al/Mo Etching Solution is formulated to selectively etch the multilayer shape of molybdenum (Mo) and aluminum (Al) layers. Selectivity is essential for particular patterning within the fabrication of included circuits and excessive-generation show panels.

High-Resolution Patterning: 

Tailored for superior show technologies, the etching answer permits high-decision patterning essential for G8 and above high-generation display panels. This is vital for reaching finer features in the production of huge and highly high-definition displays.

Flexible Panel Manufacturing:

The Mo/Al/Mo Etching Solutions also find utility in the fabrication of flexible show panels. The etching technique will be designed to accommodate the precise requirements of bendy substrates and make a contribution to the manufacturing of bendable and foldable displays.

Optimized Chemistry: 

The etchant composition is possibly optimized for the particular materials used in the Mo/Al/Mo layers. The method consists of acids or different chemicals tailor-made to attain the desired etching fees and selectivity.

Consistent and Controlled Etching: 

Buffered to hold a stable pH, the solution guarantees regular and managed etching fees throughout the production process. This is essential for attaining uniformity and reliability inside the manufacturing of incorporated circuits and great shows.


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