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Cu-Mo/Cu-Ti Etching Solution

Product Name Copper molybdenum/copper titanium etching solution
Grade EL, MOS


The Cu-Mo/Cu-Ti Etching Solution is a specialized chemical solution hired within the etching system for incorporated circuits, G8, and above high-era show panels, in addition to flexible panels. Tailored for precision and flexibility, this solution is formulated to selectively get rid of precise layers, likely copper (Cu), molybdenum (Mo), and titanium (Ti), inside multilayer systems at the same time as maintaining others. This selectivity is essential for attaining tricky styles vital in the microfabrication of advanced electronic additives.


The application scope of this etching solution encompasses numerous modern-day technologies. In incorporated circuits, it helps the suitable patterning required for the problematic circuitry on semiconductor substrates. For excessive-generation display panels (G8 and above), the solution contributes to the manufacturing of massive and extremely high-definition displays by enabling the elimination of specific layers with accuracy and manipulation. 


Features: Cu-Mo/Cu-Ti Etching Solution

Multilayer Selectivity: 

The etching solution is engineered for specific multilayer selectivity, taking into account the targeted elimination of precise layers, along with copper (Cu), molybdenum (Mo), and titanium (Ti). 

Flexibility in Flexible Panel Fabrication: 

In the realm of bendy panels, the answer performs an essential position within the fabrication procedure. Its abilities support the demand for bendable and foldable displays, contributing to the development of bendy electronic devices.

Controlled Etching Rates: 

The etching solution offers managed etching prices, ensuring uniformity and consistency in the removal of precise layers. This controlled procedure is vital for achieving reliable and reproducible results in production.

Optimized Composition: 

Formulated with a composition optimized for the materials concerned (Cu, Mo, Ti), the solution maximizes performance inside the etching procedure. The chemical method is designed to obtain the preferred etching prices and selectivity.

Buffered pH Stability: 

Featuring a buffering gadget, the solution maintains a solid pH level in the course of the etching technique. This balance complements control over the etching fees and contributes to the reproducibility of consequences.


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Cu-Mo/Cu-Ti Etching Solution is used for the etching process of  integrated circuits, G8 and above high-generation display panels and flexible panels; high stability and high safety, high etching performance and long service life; customized solutions can be provided according to requirements such as Cdloss and angle. , and is compatible for different thicknesses; Our copper molybdenum/copper titanium etching solution can still maintain excellent etching morphology under the condition of 7000ppm copper ions;

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