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Oligomers Removing-Chelating Dispersant, VAKPOOL DL-M

Oligomers Remover and Chelating Dispersant is a specialized compound designed to cope with specific demanding situations in numerous industrial processes, especially within the discipline of fabric processing.


Oligomers Remover and Chelating Dispersant reveals extensive programs in non-stop and discontinuous textile processing, specifically emphasizing its position as an anti-sedimentation agent for polyester fiber dyeing. In this context, the compound’s ability to eliminate oligomers ensures the stability of the polymer at some stage in dyeing, preventing problems like deposition and adhesion.


UniVOOK Chemical’s  Oligomers Removing-Chelating dispersant is a sophisticated compound meticulously formulated to excel in addressing particular challenges within business procedures, with a primary awareness of textile processing. This specialized solution operates as a dual-movement agent, proficiently serving as an Oligomers Removing Agent and a Chelating Dispersant.




Stable in any pH circumstance and temperature, appropriate for excessive temperature dyeing;


Oligomers Removing-Chelating Dispersant VAKPOOL DL-M is a specialized compound with chelating dispersion features, widely used in continuous and discontinuous textile processing. Primarily acting as an anti-sedimentation agent for polyester fiber dyeing, it serves as an effective anti-polymerization agent, maintaining stable polymer dispersion to prevent deposition and adhesion. This unique compound also contributes to equipment cleanliness, reducing maintenance time.


VAKPOOL DL-M  Oligomers Removing-Chelating Dispersant is specifically applied to address circulation and filtration challenges in the folding/winding process. This is particularly beneficial in dyeing processes involving items like bobbin yarn and warp shaft, where VAKPOOL DL-M contributes to efficient bath circulation and filtration, resolving related issues effectively.


Easy to use, not simplest may be used for dyeing, additionally may be used for stripping treatment (caustic soda + coverage powder);


Significantly enhance the dispersion overall performance, avoid the fiber free from impurities because of a few disperse dye solubility decline, as a way to make the shade deeper, greater vivid.


Oligomers Removing-Chelating Dispersant VAKPOOL DL-M can resolve the stain problem resulting from titanium dioxide, while dyeing polyamide fiber deals with a titanium dioxide matting agent.


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Dispersion-chelating agent with oligomer resistance – suitable for pre-treatment, dyeing, printing and soaping process;

Shelf Life

12 months store in room temperature range 3-40°C;Frozen at 0℃ and recover while temperature rise, without affect the performance;


120kg/drum; 1000kg/IBC drum;

Health & Safety

For more details and safety recommendations regarding the use of the product, please consult our Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS), or Contact With our Product Manager.


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