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SEMI G5 grade Ultra-high Purity Isopropyl Alcohol

Product Name G5 grade isopropyl alcohol
Grade SEMI G5

UniVOOK Chemical provides SEMI G5 grade Ultra-high Purity Isopropyl Alcohol, meticulously crafted to fulfil the exacting requirements of semiconductor and massive-scale incorporated circuit (IC) cleansing and drying strategies. This high-purity isopropyl alcohol is vital in ensuring the most appropriate overall performance and reliability in the semiconductor industry.


SEMI G5 grade Ultra-high IPA is a versatile answer, addressing the nuanced necessities of semiconductor production across numerous ranges. From cleaning and drying to keeping cleanroom environments, it stands as a critical detail within the pursuit of precision and excellence in semiconductor production.


G5 IPA epitomizes precision and excellence in semiconductor cleansing, presenting an answer tailored to the exacting needs of present-day electronics production. Elevate your semiconductor tactics with confidence from the terrific purity and performance of G5 Grade Isopropyl Alcohol.


Used in the cleaning and drying process for semiconductors and large-scale integrated circuits; Specifications and parameters: purity-99.99%, moisture ≤50ppm; cations ≤10ppt; anions ≤30ppb; acetone content <10ppb;


Features: SEMI G5 grade Ultra-high IPA

Purity at its Zenith :

SEMI G5 grade Ultra-high Purity Isopropyl Alcohol boasts an impressive purity stage, placing the level for remarkable cleanliness and effectiveness in semiconductor programs.

Ultra-Low Moisture Content (≤50ppm):

Recognizing the sensitivity of semiconductor environments, the moisture content is controlled to be less than or identical to 50 components according to million (ppm), ensuring minimum effect on digital components.

Strict Cation Control (≤10ppt):

The presence of cations is maintained at a shallow stage, not exceeding ten parts per trillion (ppt), ensuring pristine surroundings for semiconductor methods.

Stringent Anion Limits (≤30ppb):

Anions are meticulously controlled, with concentrations maintained at or beneath 30 elements in step with billion (ppb), safeguarding semiconductor surfaces from unwanted contamination.

Minimal Acetone Content (<10ppb):

With acetone content strictly restrained to less than ten elements per billion (ppb), G5 Grade Isopropyl Alcohol guarantees minimal residue and excellent performance in semiconductor cleansing.


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