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Product Name TMAH Developer
Grade EL, MOS


TMAH, or Tetramethylammonium Hydroxide, is a chemical compound that is commonly used as a developer in the semiconductor industry, particularly in the process of photolithography. Photolithography is a key step in semiconductor manufacturing, where intricate patterns are created on silicon wafers to build integrated circuits and other electronic devices.


UniVOOK Chemical’s TMAH Developer, featuring a 2.38% TMAH concentration along with a unique metal protective agent, finds critical applications in semiconductor photolithography processes. This specialized developer plays a pivotal role in the precise formation of patterns on semiconductor substrates. The 2.38% TMAH content ensures effective removal of exposed or unexposed regions of photoresist, contributing to the creation of intricate structures in integrated circuits.


UniVOOK Chemical’s commitment to quality and reliability is evident in this TMAH Developer, providing semiconductor manufacturers with a solution that not only enables precision in pattern formation but also prioritizes the protection of crucial underlying metal structures.


Features: TMAH Developer

TMAH Content:

The developer contains 2.38% TMAH (Tetramethylammonium Hydroxide), a critical component for selectively removing exposed or unexposed regions of photoresist during the photolithography process.

Unique Metal Protective Agent:

The inclusion of a unique metal protective agent distinguishes this developer. This agent is designed to effectively safeguard the underlying metal layers on semiconductor substrates. It acts as a protective barrier, preventing potential damage to the substrate caused by the chemical action of the developer.

Protective Function:

The metal protective agent serves as a safeguard during the development process, ensuring that the etching action is specific to the photoresist layers while minimizing the impact on underlying metal structures. This protective function is crucial for maintaining the integrity and functionality of the semiconductor device.

Substrate Protection:

By preventing damage to the substrate, the developer contributes to the overall reliability of semiconductor manufacturing. The protection of underlying metal layers is particularly essential in maintaining the structural and electrical integrity of integrated circuits.

Precision in Pattern Formation:

The combination of TMAH and the metal protective agent allows for precise and controlled pattern formation in semiconductor devices. This precision is vital for achieving the intricate structures required for advanced integrated circuits.


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2.38% TMAH developer contains a unique metal protective agent, which can effectively protect the underlying metal and prevent the liquid from causing damage to the substrate;

Health & Safety

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