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Product Name Trade Name Description Target Fabric
Alkaline Bleaching-Hydrogen Peroxide Stabilizer LUTAS ST-C Apply to pad batch dyeing process and pad-steam process; Alkali resistance; No Surfactant; Biodegrade;

Cellulose fibers and its blends

Cotton and Wool Fabrics Fluffy Softener WELOSOFT PCC Specially designed to impart a luxurious and soft feel to cotton and wool fabrics or garments; Antistatic, draping, swollen and slippery; AEEA free;

Cotton and wool, and their blends;

Desizing Enzymes SUPER ON020 Desizing enzyme, Wetting-dispersant; Multi-functional products: Desizing agent, Anti-wrinkle agent, Wetting-Dispersing agent;

Conton and its blends

Meta-aramid Fibres Dyeing Carrier VKOOT N900 Aramid fiber dyeing carrier/aramid fiber dyeing agent; Unique, small odor, used for cationic dyeable aramid fiber (such as NOMEX) dyeing;

Nomex; Terlon fiber; Conex fiber;

Phenol Yellowing(BHT) Inhibitor LUTAS MGB Suitable for all kinds of nylon and its blends containing elastic fibers to prevent yellowing caused by BHT (2, 6-dibutyl -hydroxy-toluene).

hemp, cotton, wool, synthetic fibers

Name INCI Formula CAS No. EC No.
4-Hydroxybutyl vinyl ether C6H12O2 17832-28-9


Cationic Polyacrylamide Emulsion n/a 9003-05-8


Ethylenebisstearamide C38H76N2O2 68390-94-3; 110-30-5