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Dyeing auxiliaries are specialized chemical formulations used along with dyes throughout the coloring procedure of textiles and leather-based. These auxiliaries enhance the dyeing system via enhancing the absorption, dispersion, and fixation of dyes onto the substrate, main to extra vibrant and uniform colour outcomes. These play a important role in achieving favored colorfastness, intensity, and evenness inside the very last product.

Dyeing auxiliaries locate software throughout diverse levels of the dyeing system, contributing to the general achievement of color. They help in the even dispersion of dyes, selling uniform coloring on one-of-a-kind fabric and leather-based substrates. These auxiliaries enhance the absorption of dyes, ensuring deep and lasting color penetration. Additionally, they resource in the fixation of dyes, enhancing colorfastness and stopping bleeding or fading all through subsequent washing or exposure to external elements.

UniVOOK offers a specialized line of Auxiliaries designed to meet the particular necessities of present day dyeing techniques. These formulations by way of uniVOOK combine innovation and efficiency, presenting producers with reliable solutions to enhance the color of textiles and leather-based.  Auxiliaries purpose to deliver regular and vibrant consequences at the same time as addressing key elements including fastness, uniformity, and adaptableness throughout numerous materials.


  1. Enhanced Dye Dispersion: These auxiliaries facilitate even dispersion of dyes, preventing uneven colour and making sure consistency across the substrate.
  2. Improved Dye Absorption: These auxiliaries beautify the absorption of dyes into fibers or leather-based, selling deep and color.
  3. Fixation for Colorfastness: Dyeing auxiliaries contribute to the fixation of dyes, enhancing colorfastness and preventing color bleeding or fading.
  4. PH Control: They help manipulate and keep greatest pH stages all through the dyeing method, making sure compatibility with special kinds of fibers and leathers.
  5. Versatility Across Materials: Dyeing auxiliaries are formulated to be versatile, compatible with a variety of substances which includes herbal and artificial fibers, in addition to numerous leather sorts.


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