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Formula C21H28O
CAS No. 68610-51-5
EC No. 271-867-2
Molecular Weight 296.446
Poly(dicyclopentadiene-co-p-cresol); Antioxidant CPL; Rubber Antioxidant; Polymeric sterically hindered phenol;


Antioxidant CPL manifests as a flaky solid, presenting a colorless to light yellow appearance. This polymeric hindered phenolic antioxidant boasts qualities such as excellent compatibility, minimal volatility, effective dispersion, low migration tendencies, and robust thermal stability. Exhibiting high antioxidant efficiency, it demonstrates remarkable properties in resisting elevated temperatures, deterring extraction, impeding migration, and maintaining resilience against hydrolysis.


A non-staining and non-discoloring phenolic powerhouse, shines in protecting light-colored polymers like natural and synthetic rubber, latex, and ABS. This low-volatility hero excels in stabilizing materials used in everyday items like elastic threads, carpet backing, foam mattresses, and even baby bottle teats. Beyond rubber, Antioxidant shields ABS, SBS, and SIS plastics, fortifying automotive components, household goods, and even electronic marvels. From the bounce in your basketball to the shine on your shoes, CPL plays a vital role in keeping everyday products performing their best.


As the biggest producer and supplier of antioxidants for plastic and rubber industry from China, UniVOOK Chemical is providing antioxidant CPL both for natural or synthetic plastics and rubbers, including SBR, NBR,latex, ABS, SBS and SIS, etc. Ensuring their long-lasting performance and resilience in a wide range of applications.



Features and Application of Antioxidant CPL


  • Antioxidant CPL emerges as a pivotal component for a diverse range of latex products, showcasing its versatility in applications spanning household and medical domains. It seamlessly forms emulsions and stands as the standard antioxidant for latex-based items, including gloves, condoms, latex foam, rings, carpet adhesives, medical products, baby pacifiers, bath mats, hot water bottles, paper coatings, and various daily latex products. Its efficacy extends to natural latex products used in automobiles and electronic accessories, encompassing styrene-butadiene and carboxystyrene-butadiene formulations.


  • Plays a crucial role in preventing discoloration and premature embrittlement in a spectrum of rubber products. Its impact is especially notable in enhancing the resilience and tensile strength of rubber across different types, including NR, NBR, BR, EPDM, SBS, SIS, and various elastomers.


  • Tailored for thermoplastic styrene copolymers like ABS and MBS, Antioxidant CPL proves indispensable by delivering exceptional, enduring, and stable antioxidant effects throughout the synthesis process. Its synergistic benefits come to the forefront when used in conjunction with auxiliary antioxidants such as phosphites and thioester antioxidants.


  • Exhibits distinct advantages in applications involving polyamide resins, notably PA6 and PA. Its effectiveness extends to a variety of thermoplastics, including PP and PE. Moreover, it finds utility in hot melt adhesives, adhesives, and lubricants, providing a reliable and robust antioxidant solution compared to commonly used alternatives.




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Antioxidant CPL stabilizer is a highly effective polymeric, non-discoloring phenolic antioxidant.


Appearance Cream colored or amber powder or pellets
Softening point,℃ >105
Molecular weight, g/mol 600-700
Bulk density, kg/m 360 (pw) / 600 (pel)
Density @20℃, g/cm ca. 1,04 (solidified melt)
Health & Safety

For more details and safety recommendations regarding the use of the product, please consult our Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS) of Antioxidant CPL , or contact with our product manager.


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