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Dicyclohexylamine (DCHA)

Formula C12H23N
Molecular weight 181.32
CAS No. 101-83-7
EC No. 202-980-7
Synonyms Dicyclohexylamin; N,N-Dicyclohexylamin; N-Cyclohexylcyclohexanamin; Dodecahydrodiphenylamin; DCHA; Aminodicyclohexane; Cyclohexanamine


Dicyclohexylamine (DCHA) is an organic compound with the chemical formula C12H23N. It is a cyclic secondary amine characterized by its two cyclohexyl groups attached to a central amine nitrogen atom. It features two cyclohexyl groups (cyclic hexane structures) connected to a central nitrogen atom. This structure imparts unique chemical properties, making it a versatile compound for various applications.


Known for its solvent properties, DCHA is used in chemical processes for resins, dyes, and pharmaceuticals. Its role as a corrosion inhibitor enhances its significance in protecting metal surfaces, ensuring longevity and durability. As a catalyst in polymerization reactions, DCHA contributes to producing high-quality polymers and resins. This compound is an intermediate in chemical synthesis, finding applications in the pharmaceutical, agrochemical, and specialty chemical industries.


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Features: Dicyclohexylamine (DCHA)

Polymerization Catalyst:

Embrace the efficiency of DCHA as a catalyst in polymerization reactions, optimizing the production of polymers and resins. This ensures high-quality outcomes, which is crucial for industries reliant on superior polymer materials.

Chemical Synthesis Intermediate: 

DCHA shines as an intermediate in chemical synthesis, proving invaluable in synthesizing pharmaceuticals, agrochemicals, and specialty chemicals. Its adaptability in diverse chemical transformations makes it a cornerstone in synthetic processes.

Rubber Industry Advancements: 

Enhance the strength and resilience of rubber products with DCHA’s contribution to the vulcanization process. Its role in the rubber industry emphasizes its impact on improving the overall quality of rubber-based materials.

Fuel Efficiency and Combustion Enhancement: 

In the automotive realm, DCHA is a fuel additive that optimizes combustion efficiency and reduces engine deposits. This results in improved fuel performance and cleaner engine operation.

Antioxidant Guardian: 

Harness the antioxidant properties of DCHA in formulations designed to extend the shelf life of various products. Its role as an antioxidant underscores its application in preserving product quality.


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Dicyclohexylamine (DCHA), also known as dodecahydrodiphenylamine, is a fatty amine with formula as C12H23N.  Dicyclohexylamine is colorless transparent liquid, with pungent odor. Soluble in ethyl ether, ethanol and benzene, while slightly soluble in water.

Dicyclohexylamine can participate in a variety of chemical reactions, and is widely used in many industries such as dyes, catalysts, synthetic rubber, pesticides, and medicine.

mark Dye industry: dicyclohexylamine can be used as dye intermediate;
mark In lubricants and cutting fluids, dicyclohexylamine acts as a corrosion inhibitor;
mark Dicyclohexylamine has strong alkalinity and can be used as alkaline catalyst to participate in various organic synthesis;
mark Dicyclohexylamine is widely used as rubber vulcanization accelerator during the production of synthetic rubber;
mark Dicyclohexylamine can be used as insecticide in the field of pesticides.
mark Dicyclohexylamine can be used as drug extractant in pharmaceutical industry. It can also be used for the preparation of anti-tumor drugs, antihypertensive drugs, etc.
Shelf Life

Under proper storage conditions, the shelf life is 12 months

Health & Safety

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