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Ultra-purity Electronic Grade Hydrofluoric Acid

Product Name Electronic Grade Hydrofluoric Acid
Grade EL, MOS, UP


Electronic grade hydrofluoric acid is an aqueous solution of hydrogen fluoride. It is a colorless and transparent liquid with a density of 1.15gml (50% HF) at 25°C. It is highly corrosive to metal, glass, concrete, etc. Electronic grade hydrofluoric acid is divided into four grades: EL, UP, UPS, and UPSS according to different purity, with UPSS grade being the highest grade;


Electronic-grade hydrofluoric acid is one of the key basic chemical materials in the production process of the microelectronics industry.

— Mainly used in the cleaning and corrosion of integrated circuits (ICs) and very large-scale integrated circuits (VLSI) chips, or can be formulated with hydrogen peroxide, ammonia, nitric acid, acetic acid, etc.;

— Used as an etching agent for glass substrates, silicon nitride, and silicon dioxide in the liquid crystal display (TFT-LCD) industry;

— Used Cleaning and etching agent for silicon surface in solar cell industry.


At the same time, ultra-purity hydrogen fluoride can also be used as an analytical reagent and the preparation of high purity fluorine-containing chemicals.



High Purity: Aviod being contaminated by impurities during your semiconductor manufacturing process, our products supports on improving the performance and reliability of your chips.

High Cleanliness: Maintain a high degree of cleanliness to avoid the introduction of impurities in the semiconductor manufacturing process. This cleanliness includes not only chemical purity, but also the reduction of impurities such as particles and microorganisms.


Production Process :

1. The anhydrous hydrofluoric acid after chemical pretreatment is injected into the rectification tower for rectification, and the obtained hydrogen fluoride gas is cooled and absorbed in the absorption tower with ultra-pure water, further purified by controlling spray density and gas-liquid ratio.

2. After the ultrafiltration process below 0.2μm, the final product – electronic grade hydrofluoric acid – is finally filled under closed and clean environmental conditions.


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