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Natural Carvacrol

Structure Formula
Formula C10H14O
Molecular Weight 150.22
CAS No. 499-75-2
EC No. 207-889-6
Synonyms Cymenol; Isothymol; 2-Methyl-5-isopropylphenol; 5-Isopropyl-2-methylphenol;


Natural carvacrol, a monoterpenoid phenol derived from oregano and thyme essential oils, finds versatile applications across industries. Its distinct aromatic profile positions it as a key player in the food and beverage sector, contributing to flavors and fragrances. Recognized for its antimicrobial properties, carvacrol is utilized in natural preservatives for food, cosmetics, and personal care products. In aromatherapy, it imparts a calming atmosphere, while in health and wellness formulations, its potential antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties are harnessed.


UniVOOK Chemical Carvacrol, a premium-grade natural compound sourced from oregano and thyme essential oils. With a commitment to quality and sustainability, UniVOOK Chemical offers a versatile and high-purity form of natural carvacrol that stands out in various industries.


— Carvacrol as a spice additive: Because of its special aromatic smell, carvacrol is often used in food, cosmetics and perfume industries;
— UniVOOK Chemical’s Carvacrol is used as an antibacterial agent: Carvacrol has certain antibacterial properties and is often used for insect repellent, hygiene products, toothpaste, soap and other daily chemical flavor;
— Pharmaceutical field: USP grade Carvacrol has certain pharmacological activity, and is used in some drug research and development for antibacterial, anti-inflammatory and antioxidant aspects.
— UniVOOK Chemical supplies industry grade Carvacrol is used in agricultural plant protection as a fungicide and antibacterial agent.


Features: Natural Carvacrol


Anti-Inflammatory Properties: Carvacrol has been investigated for its potential anti-inflammatory properties, making it of interest for formulations aimed at addressing inflammatory conditions.

Antioxidant Activity: With potential antioxidant properties, carvacrol  contribute to protecting cells from oxidative stress. This characteristic is valuable in health and wellness formulations.

Solubility: Carvacrol exhibits solubility in various solvents, contributing to its ease of incorporation into different formulations, including those in the pharmaceutical and cosmetic industries.

Stability: It is known for its stability under certain conditions, making it a reliable component in products where shelf life and longevity are essential.

Synergistic Effects: In combination with other compounds present in essential oils, carvacrol exhibit synergistic effects, enhancing its overall effectiveness in various applications.

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