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Natural Acetic Acid

Formula CH3COOH
Molecular Weight 60.052
CAS No. 64-19-7
EC No. 231-791-2


Natural acetic acid, is a colorless liquid with a beautiful bitter taste and stinky scent, with the chemical formulation CH3COOH. 100% natural bio-based carbon source natural acetic acid is produced through the fermentation. UniVOOK Chemicals’ Natural Acetic Acid is an exceptional and versatile solution that redefines the standards of natural acidity in numerous applications.


Beyond to be used as feed and food preservative, for its 100% natural bio-based carbon source, antibacterial attributes and ability to dissolve mineral deposits, UniVOOK Chemical’s Natural Acetic Acid extends its roles to industrial strategies: feedstock for chemical synthesis, household cleaning, natural weed control, textile, cosmetics, personal care and pharmaceutical sectors, etc. Our natural acetic acids are identical to acetic acid molecules made from petroleum commonly used by industry, so they can be replaced simply and instantly. Our 100% bio-derived molecules help you reduce your environmental impact without compromising the performance of your products.


Features: Natural Acetic Acid

Purity and Authenticity:

It is characterized by using its brilliant purity, making sure a dependable and accurate illustration of this herbal acid. Our dedication to excellence guarantees a product that meets and exceeds enterprise requirements.

Natural Preservative: 

Leverage the herbal preservative houses of our Acetic Acid to increase the shelf life of your food products. Its ability to inhibit the boom of sure bacteria and molds makes it a valuable asset in conventional renovation methods, including pickling.

Eco-Friendly Cleaning:

Harness the antibacterial and mineral-dissolving skills of the Acetic Acid for eco-friendly cleaning solutions. Its effectiveness in breaking down deposits makes it a sustainable opportunity for numerous family and business cleaning programs.

Wide Industrial Utility:

UniVOOK Chemical’ Natural Acetic Acid extends its uses to numerous industries, such as feedstock for chemical synthesis, household cleaning, natural weed control, textile, cosmetics, personal care and pharmaceutical sectors, etc.

Traceable Sourcing: 

At UniVOOK Chemical, we prioritize transparency in sourcing. It is traced lower back to its origins, ensuring that you receive a product derived from first-rate natural materials with minimum environmental effect.

For more details and safety recommendations regarding the use of the product, please consult our Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS), or contact with our Product Manager.


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