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Natural Butyric acid

Formula C3H6O2
Molecular Weight 74.08
CAS No. 79-09-4
EC No. 201-176-3

Natural Butyric Acid, also known as butanoic acid, is a brief-chain fatty acid with the chemical system C4H8O2. It happens naturally in diverse ingredients and is accountable for the exceptional odor of butter, consequently the call “butyric,” which is derived from the Latin word for butter, “butyral.” uniVOOK Chemicals gives a rate-grade Natural Butyric Acid, sourced from herbal materials and recognized for its versatility in diverse applications.

UniVOOK Chemicals’ Natural Butyric Acid, derived from herbal resources, is a flexible element that improves flavors and aromas in the meals and fragrance industries. Its buttery notes elevate baked goods and perfumes while additionally serving as a microbial metabolite in fermented merchandise and an animal feed additive. With applications spanning various industrial strategies, this premium-grade acid guarantees authenticity and excellence across a broad spectrum of merchandise.

Features: Natural Butyric acid

  • Flavor Enhancement: It is an essential issue in the flavor industry, contributing a feature buttery or creamy notice to numerous food merchandise. Its potential to mimic the aroma of butter makes it a desired preference in applications inclusive of baked items, dairy merchandise, and savory formulations.
  • Aroma Development: In the fragrance industry, Natural Butyric Acid is utilized to expand wonderful buttery or fatty notes. It adds intensity and richness to perfumes, non-public care products, and scented items, supplying a nuanced olfactory experience.
  • Microbial Metabolite: Butyric Acid is an herbal byproduct of microbial fermentation, especially inside the digestion of certain foods. Its presence in fermented merchandise adds complexity to the overall taste profile, making it precious inside the food and beverage industry.
  • Animal Feed Additive: Butyric Acid is used as an additive in animal feed, contributing to advanced palatability and digestibility. Its use in this context aids in assisting the overall health and well-being of cattle.
  • Versatility in Industrial Applications: Beyond its roles in flavor and perfume, it finds packages in numerous industrial approaches, along with the production of sure chemicals, plastics, and pharmaceuticals.
  • Stringent Quality Control: uniVOOK Chemicals guarantees that it’s Natural Butyric Acid undergoes rigorous high-quality manipulation measures, making sure a product that meets the very best enterprise standards and presents consistent first-rate.

For more details and safety recommendations regarding the use of the product, please consult our Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS), or contact with our Product Manager.


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