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Natural Isobutyric Acid

Formula C4H8O2
Molecular Weight 88.105
CAS No. 79-31-2
EC No. 201-195-7


Natural Isobutyric Acid emerges as a versatile factor with a vast spectrum of packages. Sourced from natural materials and characterized with the aid of a balanced interaction of fruity and sweet notes, this acid takes center degree within the taste industry, enhancing a numerous range of food and beverage products.

Its precise aroma and stability below various processing situations make it precious inside the perfume quarter, contributing to the complexity and intensity of perfumes and scented merchandise. Additionally, it serves as a microbial metabolite, playing a role within the nuanced flavors of fermented foods and liquids. Its solubility and synergistic mixing abilities further amplify its software through diverse industrial methods, consisting of the synthesis of chemicals and prescribed drugs.

Choose uniVOOK Chemicals’ Natural Isobutyric Acid for a top-rate-grade raw solution that complements flavors, contributes to specific fragrances, and serves as a versatile ingredient across various applications. With its herbal foundation and unique homes, this acid is perfect for formulators seeking excellence inside the food, perfume, and business sectors.

Features: Natural Isobutyric Acid

  • Stable underneath Processing Conditions: It is a famous balance under various processing conditions, making it appropriate for applications that contain heat or other challenging environments. This stability guarantees that its particular traits continue to be intact for the duration of the production process.
  • Balanced Fruity and Sweet Notes: The flavor profile of Natural Isobutyric Acid moves stability among fruity and sweet notes, providing formulators with a flexible tool to create nicely rounded and appealing taste reports in numerous merchandise.
  • Solubility: It possesses top solubility, facilitating its smooth incorporation into unique formulations. This characteristic guarantees uniform distribution, contributing to the consistency and balance of the give-up merchandise.
  • Synergistic Blending: Its compatibility with more than a few different taste and perfume elements allows for synergistic blending, allowing formulators to achieve complicated and harmonious profiles in their creations.
  • Low Odor Threshold: Despite its wonderful aroma, it has a low scent threshold, which means that even in small concentrations, it can substantially contribute to the general perfume and taste profile of a product, improving cost-effectiveness in formulations.


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